What To Keep In Mind When Buying Wine Online

Whether you have done it in the past and the results weren’t as you expected, or if this is the first time you are going to buy wine online, there are a few pointers that you might want to keep in mind. Once you get the hang of it and have done it a couple times, it could be more convenient for you to make your purchases online, every time. After you find a supplier that you feel comfortable with, the following are some tips for buying wine that you can remember so that everything runs smoothly.

The Government’s Rule

Because wine is an alcoholic beverage, the law states that the carrier has to receive the signature of an adult upon delivery. An adult is defined as any person who is twenty one years of age or older. The government came up with this rule to help ensure that alcohol isn’t so easily accessed by minors. If an adult will not be home at the expected delivery time, refer to the next tip.

Ship It To Work Or Next DoorWine Delivered To Your Door

If your children will be home during the day while you are at work during the expected delivery time of your package, you might want to have it shipped to you at work. This way, you will be able to sign for your delivery, and you will be preventing your kids from getting a hold of an alcoholic beverage. If you are not able to receive personal shipments at work, or just for one reason or another, you will not be able to sign for it, you could ask a neighbour to receive your package. There are typically retired folks or stay-at-home parents who are home during the day who you could ask to receive your package for you.

Track Your Shipment

Some carriers will have a tracking tool online where you can track your shipment. You can see where it was sent from and where it was received, all the way until it reaches your front door. By keeping track of where it is at, you might be able to adjust your schedule or ask someone to help you out in receiving the package.

Keep It Cool

Wine and heat are not friends. If you are ordering some during the summer, you might want to make your order earlier in the week so that your bottles will not sit in a hot warehouse somewhere for the weekend.

By keeping these things in mind when you make your purchase of Chardonnay or any other type online, you should be able to get your shipment right on time for when you need it. If you are looking for more information, you might find some buying guides online where you could learn more about purchasing, shipping, and receiving drinks online.

Chinese and Brazilian wine hit UK supermarket shelves

First post time! I’m going to try and use this blog to cover my opinions on the wine industry, so whether I’ve tried a new wine or just have an opinion on a news story, you’ll be able to read it here. I’m open to ideas, suggestions and comments so please drop me a comment or Tweet! First up… more wine for Britain. Hurrah!

Wine consumption in the UK has certainly seen a marked interest in recent years and whilst wine from traditional areas does have a stranglehold it has given supermarkets some confidence to introduce wines from brand new areas. In the last couple of years this led to the appearance of wine from India and now Waitrose have moved to bring from both China as well as Brazilto UK supermarket shelves.

These wines form part of their showcase of world wine; however, there are hopes that if they prove to be popular they will be continued beyond this initial month. How they react is certainly an unknown quantity although clearly there will be a percentage of wine lovers who will try them merely out of curiosity rather than anything else. Whether or not this will lead to more brand names appearing is certainly open to pure speculation.

The price of them will certainly push them out of the price range of those people just looking for a cheap bottle of wine with their meal due to the Chinese bottle being £9.99 and the Brazilian at £11.99, but they are confident that they can still have some kind of impact. It is worth pointing out that Waitrose do already sell a number of wines within this price range so there is no reason to expect that the bottles will be left gathering dust.

The fact that this will be the first time Brazilian wine has made it into a UK supermarket may be surprising to a number of people due to the popularity of wine from both Argentina and Chile. It stands to reason that this may give it a head start over its Chinese counterpart due to those people who are perhaps less well versed in wine automatically linking it to those wines they already know about from South America.

Brazilian Wine Regions

On the face of it this can be a good marketing ploy by both the Brazilian vineyard and Waitrose due to Brazil as a country being in the mind of so many people due to the upcoming World Cup and Olympics. The vineyard itself is of course Miolo who are the biggest producer when it comes to wine in Brazil as they have a staggering 40% market share so with their marketing ability and the timing, then if there was ever an opportunity for Brazilian wine to make inroads, then now is the right time.

The same cannot perhaps be said about the Chinese wine as this is not a drink that is often associated with this part of the world, but in actual fact yearly consumption in China makes it the fifth biggest consumer in the world.. Its manufacturing is far more traditional due to labor costs being so low, which means a lot of the production is still done manually whilst vineyards in more developed wine producing countries have gradually introduced more technology.

So will this open the proverbial flood gates and encourage UK wine lovers to try new wines from every corner of the world? The answer to that may not be seen over the course of a single month, but instead over the next six months to a year; however, interesting times may be ahead for the wine shelves in UK supermarkets.